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This is a collection of clothes and accessories for newborns and children. We knit from soft and environmentally friendly yarn. Each thing is created individually. When creating each thing, we invest a little bit of our love and care.

Hello everybody
I would like to tell you my story about how I came to BABY PROPS. My name is Maria Felker. In 2014, I married and moved to Germany. We live in a warm place 7 km from France in the village of Meissenheim, which is 70 km from the city of Karlsruhe.
In Russia I received a university entrance qualification in the field of design,
but for a long time I could not find myself in it. In 2016, I met a wonderful photographer Anastasia,
  she told me about photo shoots of newborns and accessories for the.
I was very interested in that.
  Since I knitted for a very long time, to be precise, I have been doing it since my 7th. age.
Now I'm knitting dresses and accessories for newborns.
Honestly, I adore this craft.
I believe that the most important thing in life is a family and a favorite work.